Bug Out Bags

Bug Out Bags
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Time: 5:00pm – 9:00pm
Cost: $59

Course Features:

Description: This class will go over the 72-hour kit, otherwise known as: BOB – Bug Out Bag, GOOD Bag – Get Out Of Dodge Bag, Go Bag, etc. If you had to leave town quickly, either by with or without prior notice, a bag of necessities may be all you have time to grab. It is critical that you have this bag prepared for these situations. However, with so many opinions and options out there, which is the best? We’ll go over the various components and the benefits/weaknesses of many “popular” items. We’ll discuss how to personalize your bag and maximize it’s use and recommendations for a personal “always on you” (EDC) kit, a grab bag and a get out of town on foot or vehicle bag.